How to leverage marketing ads with Facebook for your ecommerce store
27 Aug 2019 06:30pm - 08:15pm
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How to leverage marketing ads with Facebook for your ecommerce store

27 Aug 2019 06:30pm - 08:15pm

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What’s next after successfully launching your online store? Setting up a beautiful ecommerce store with Shopify or Woocommerce, creating your brand, listing suitable drop shipping products on your store are the core fundamentals, however what’s critical is perhaps how you plan to execute your marketing plan. There are many digital marketing channels that are good for traffic and lead generation which include SEO, Google search, pay per click, Facebook ads, email marketing, etc. This time around, Buckydrop welcomes Jan, Digital Marketing Director from Diamond Digital Marketing Agency on sharing how to justify your return on the money you spend on Facebook ads.

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Takeaways from this seminar:
1. Objectives of using Facebook and Instagram.
2. How to create a powerful Facebook post.
3. What is Facebook Pixel.
4. How to structure and measure the performance of a Facebook Ad Campaign.

6:30 – 6:45 Sign in
6:45 – 7:00 Buckydrop Introduction by Judy, Business Development Director
7:00 – 7:45 Facebook Tips for Ecommerce by Jan, Digital Marketing Director of DDM
7:45 – 8:00 Q&A

Who are we?
Buckydrop is a one stop drop shipping service solution platform where you can sell your products globally in a few clicks. Once you connect with Shopify or Woocommerce, you can easily import products from a variety of Chinese marketplaces such as Taobao and 1688. Simply submit the purchase orders to us and we will order the product for you, inspect the quality of the product, stock-in to the warehouse, and consolidate into a parcel. We will ship the parcel to your global clients according to your request and we will provide you with top-notch after-sales services. The process is automates and seamless. Learn more

Diamond Digital Marketing Agency provides a comprehensive range of digital marketing services including SEO Marketing and SEO, Website Construction , Facebook Management , which caters the digital marketing needs no matter you are a SMB, SME , Listed Company or a MNC, orchestrating your social presences of Hong Kong digital marketing ecosystem in harmony. Learn more

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