How to Lead with Courage
28 - 29 Aug 2018 07:45am - 07:45am
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How to Lead with Courage

28 - 29 Aug 2018 07:45am - 07:45am

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Aristotle called it the first of human qualities as it made all the other qualities possible—COURAGE. This holds true in our lives as much as in our teams and organizations.

Leadership is not a popularity contest; my own experience and professional practice coaching executives and organizational leaders have shown courage to be the one leadership quality that strengthens all the other qualities that we aspire to display.

How do we innovate if we want to stay in the safety of the tried and tested, how does a sales team persist in the face of rejection? How do we stand up and give feedback to a peer who engages in public bullying? How do we trust the new executive on the team to take charge of a big project? How do we find the courage to act upon harsh feedback? How do we find the humility to rebuild the trust that has been broken?

Every single step that humanity has taken forward is steeped in COURAGE.

Not all heroes wear capes: one reaches out to a new colleague who is struggling, another one makes sure that his people are progressing and provided with the learning they need before he leaves. Another makes sure that maternity leave in their Malaysian organization is on par with those of the European Head office. A senior executive decides to promote diversity and inclusion in the face of non-inclusive behaviours. What did it take?

How can we be better at tackling the elephant in the room, how can we keep going in the face of challenges? What are the daily and consistent steps that executives can take to ensure the betterment of themselves, their teams and their organisations?

The good news is that courage is not an inherent trait but an acquired skill.

Join Lola Chetti, Executive coach and Provider of Coach Accredited Training & Leadership Development Programs on the 3rd of October from 8:30-10:00am at Mettā to discuss tips and strategies on how we can be leaders who inspire courage and build our own courage at work—to dare to be and do better.



- Introduction : speaker and her specialisation

- Getting feedback from the room on their questions when it comes to leading with courage

- Learn to identify Courage boosters and Courage busters

- Strategies to build courage strength

- Wrap-up



Why courage matters and impacts results?

How can you create an environment that promotes courageous behaviour?

Tips and strategies to build your courage skills



Lola is a leadership development consultant and coach based in Hong Kong, she has been working around SE Asia for 10 years. She holds a Master in Consulting and Coaching for Change (Distinction) from Insead and runs an established practice in leadership development training and coaching, working with clients from multinationals and local companies.

She currently delivers an ICF –ACSTH accredited coach training curriculum designed by her to individuals and organisations in Hong Kong. Lola integrates research from Neuroscience, Cultural Intelligence and Psychodynamics in her work. Her work is aimed at getting executives to develop life long skills to re-appraise, re examine and tap into THEIR own motivational reserves to achieve desired performance and achievement.

Holding Space Coaching & Consulting, her company, currently delivers services ranging from executive coaching, design and delivery of customised leadership development training for organisations to train internal coaches and implement coaching cultures.

She is also an avid reader with a passion for women leadership, innovation and social enterprise.

Lola Chetti started her career in the judiciary and retired as a senior Magistrate. Her passion for people development and learning led her to transition as a volunteer teacher with refugee children for 6 years; before she started a second career in leadership development consulting and executive coaching in 2009.

Lola works with individuals and organisations from Europe, Asia and the U.S.





Executive Master in Consulting and Coaching for Change (Distinction)-INSEAD Business School
International Coaching Federation-ACSTH credential awarded Organisational Coaching Practitioner Certificate Training designed by Lola
LLB (Hons.) U.K
Bar at law-Lincoln’s Inn, UK
Mentor Coach- ICF
Diploma in Coaching Supervision –CSA,UK –expected Sept 2018


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