How to Boost Your Personal Brand with Instagram
31 Jan 2019 07:00pm - 09:00pm
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How to Boost Your Personal Brand with Instagram

31 Jan 2019 07:00pm - 09:00pm

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Looking to harness the power of Instagram to build your business? Join this workshop on how to jumpstart your personal brand on Instagram with visual storytelling and engaging content!

Key Takeaways: 
- How to articulate your brand promise with your Instagram bio 
- How to harness visual storytelling to boost your brand identity 
- How to develop effective Instagram content planning & strategy 

Who Should Attend? 
- Entrepreneurs who are looking to build a loyal follower base and boost sales with Instagram

About the Speaker

Tracy Ho is a leading personal branding strategist in Asia. She is the founder of Frame & Fame, a branding boutique in Hong Kong. As a certified coach, she helps entrepreneurs, startups, SME owners and corporate executives to stand out from the crowd with their talents, passion and unique propositions. 

Tracy and her team support clients to be seen and be heard as a leader in their fields by developing impactful personal brand stories, portraits and brand identity assets. 

Tracy is committed in supporting the startup communities in Hong Kong and Asia. She coaches top-ranking MBA students as well as mentors startups, incubator & accelerator participating companies on personal branding and communication related areas.

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