💡 How Growth Hacking works in Digital Marketing | FREE 💡
03 Nov 2020 07:30am - 08:30am
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💡 How Growth Hacking works in Digital Marketing | FREE 💡

03 Nov 2020 07:30am - 08:30am

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Growth Hacking 同Digital Marketing 有咩分別?

識Growth Hacking 嘅Marketer 同一般Marketer 人工可以差之千里?

落完廣告點知有無用?呢個Campaign 嘅ROI係幾多?

原來要識答呢類問題,需要有Growth Hacking 同Digital Marketing 嘅思維。




♢ 數碼營銷 (Digital Marketing)和成長駭客 (Growth Hacking) 簡介

♢ 使用成長駭客思維模式嘅成功個案探討

♢ 職場地圖

♢ 成功必備的技能同心態

♢ Q&A 問答環節


Growth hacker 其實就好似營銷混血兒,佢需要具備營銷嘅基本知識同技能,同時又可以撰寫程式及資料分析,利用撰寫程式做出簡單嘅外掛或分析資料搵出最能有效提升業績嘅方法。




♢ 數碼營銷簡介

♢ 成長駭客簡介

♢ 數碼營銷同成長駭客之間嘅關係

♢ 數碼營銷同成長駭客係香港嘅職業道路

♢ 使用成長駭客思維模式嘅成功個案探討

♢ 數碼營銷員同成長駭客需要具備嘅技能同心態

♢ Q&A 問答環節





Digital Marketing? Growth Hacking? Are you confused with these terms?

In fact, a growth hacker is not a replacement for a marketer nor is he better than a marketer, They have different roles.

Join our FREE seminar and learn more about difference between Growth Marketing &  Digital Marketing & Growth Hacking

We will be discussing:

♢ Introduction to digital marketing

♢ Introduction to growth hacking

♢ The relationship between Digital Marketing and Growth Hacking

♢ The career path of digital marketing & growth hacking in Hong Kong

♢ Case studies of successful companies using growth hacking mindset

♢ Skills and mindset Growth Hacker and Digital Marker need to equip

♢ Q&A

* No previous marketing background is necessary, absolute beginners are welcome!

Language: English

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