Happy New Year!
01 Jan 2019 12:00am - 12:05am
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Happy New Year!

01 Jan 2019 12:00am - 12:05am

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HAPPY NEW YEAR! Well done, Hong Kong startup community! We've ROCKED 2018! 

(Also, happy holidays! We hope you are ending 2018 with a bang, and starting 2019 with a WOOT WOOT!)


Have you all done your reflections and made your new year resolutions yet?

Here at WHub, we want to foster the local entrepreneurial spirit, so we'll be hosting Startup Impact Summit to serve as the platform for inspiration, the gathering of brilliant minds, and the exhibition of the latest solutions in the Startup Space!

It's also on our list to help young minds kickstart their year by kickstarting their career! We are offering FREE Startup Impact Summit tickets to students all the way up till the end of 6th January.

 So this year, grab a colleague or a classmate, join Startup Impact Summit now!


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