Gifted Minds: Needed Resources for Digital Businesses to Innovate and Grow
06 Nov 2018 08:30am - 10:00am
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Gifted minds

Gifted Minds: Needed Resources for Digital Businesses to Innovate and Grow

06 Nov 2018 08:30am - 10:00am

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When facing the stakes of globalisation and the organisations’ mutations of this century, new challenges appear. The latter invite to reconsider the specific competences of the different and creative intelligence forms that are the atypical minds, the Asperger autistics and the gifted or genius.

Indeed, within these contexts, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and the digitalisation of the professional world are revolutionising the markets. Companies now need more abnormal and outstanding profiles, capable of taking charge of these evolutions. And yet, not prepared to find and receive such profiles, these companies are often overwhelmed. In fact, it is said that, in the United States, 1.5 million brains will be missing to pursue the development of the industries at issue (Frederic Vezon - Aspertise/Canada).

Atypical and creative intelligences are growth gems that are to be promoted, especially for organisations in continuous transformation. With this in mind, the speaker, Fabrice Micheau, will offer a presentation to then discuss the current situation, in companies and groups, of the different sorts of atypical profiles. He will also bring forward concrete examples and the best practices to achieve these metamorphoses. An exchange with the public will follow.

To illustrate his points, Fabrice Micheau will present the case of HARi crm, a Customer Relationship Management and Business Development company, created by a team of gifted minds with a variegated panel of just as talented collaborators. Pierre Stanghellini, the founder of HARi crm, will share the company’s philosophy, as well as day-to-day practical instances demonstrating the competitive advantages that an atypical team like his brings in the long run.


40-minute presentation
40-minute debate session
Analysis of the current situation
Description of the different atypical profiles
Best practices, strategies, and study cases
Presentation of a guest participant, Pierre Stanghellini, and his company HARi crm.
Exchange session with the public



What is the relevance of atypical profiles?
Why are creative intelligence forms an undeniable resource?
What is the competitive advantage?
How to welcome gifted minds within a company?
What are some concrete examples?


Fabrice Micheau is the vice-president of Mensa Nouvelle Aquitaine, expert on gifted adults, accompaniment specialist for complex transformations in organisations (management coaching, mediation), adjunct professor at Kedge Business School, international lecturer, and business leader.



Pierre Stanghellini is the founder of HARi crm, a Marketing Strategy and Business Development expert and the vice-president of the French Chamber F&B Committee.

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