GA X CANOPY: HOW TO ATTRACT AND RETAIN TOP TALENT - CANOPY X GA (General Assembly) - Data Science & Recruitment
27 Nov 2017 07:00pm - 09:00pm
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GA X CANOPY: HOW TO ATTRACT AND RETAIN TOP TALENT - CANOPY X GA (General Assembly) - Data Science & Recruitment

27 Nov 2017 07:00pm - 09:00pm

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These days, making human resources a competitive part of your business is more important than ever. As you vie for customers and clients, it’s crucial that you also maintain an edge in attracting the kind of talent that will help you grow your business. By staffing your company with top-tier talent, you’re ensuring that your company will have the resources it needs to remain successful.

General Assembly, and Canopy have teamed up to bring you an event where we’ll discuss the key elements of attracting and retaining top talent. Join us as we explore how a mix of proper recruitment strategies, office design and culture, and continued education can create long-term employee loyalty and happiness in the workplace.

Canopy is a private network of digital and tech professionals that uses referrals to connect talent with companies.

About the Instructors
Mart van de Ven

Data Science Consultant,

Mart van de Ven is a Principal at Droste, a Hong Kong-based data science consultancy. He heads a team which creates and executes strategies for companies which are data rich, but insight poor. Droste leverages advanced analytics and machine learning to realign their client’s data aspirations with business goals. He’s proudest of the predictive maintenance system they built for a utility company, the credit-scoring algorithm they devised based on social media data, and a computer vision solution they developed which now drives a visual search company.

Outside of Droste, Mart is also committed to furthering data adoption and data literacy across the city. He’s conducted 100+ workshops and provided mentorship on 200+ data science projects. Mart is known for his contributions to the public debate on data-related issues. He is a frequent guest speaker on data science (e.g. UBS, CLP, HKTDC), the co-founder of Open Data Hong Kong, a civic tech advocacy group, and leads Symbol & Key, the city’s most visible platform for data scientists. His personal interests include speculative fiction, linguistics, and abstract strategy games.

Estyn Chung

Co-Founder and CEO,

Estyn is Co-Founder & CEO of Canopy and has over 12 years experience building and managing effective teams across both Australia and Asia. After a career in investment banking, he has been working closely with startups to find the best talent in Asia.

Julio Orr

Co-founder and Head of Talent Solutions,

Julio has lived in Asia for the past 12 years working for global recruitment companies and has advised some of the leading companies in the region to find high quality talent. He is active in the tech and digital communities and is a Co-Founder of Canopy that offering companies and talent a better way to connect through referrals.

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