Future City Summit Annual Meet 2019
02 - 06 Aug 2019 10:00am - 03:00pm
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Future City Summit Annual Meet 2019

02 - 06 Aug 2019 10:00am - 03:00pm

More Events The University of Chicago Francis and Rose Yuen Campus in Hong Kong, Victoria Rd, Mount Davis Victoria Road
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Hong Kong - China "One Summit - Two Cities" Business Conference-Tourism Experience with 200 Delegates from Emerging Asia and World.

After Bali Islands and Metro Manila, Future City Summit is back to the town for Annual Meet. This year, 200 old friends of guest and delegates from emerging Asia, Africa and Europe will be meeting in Hong Kong Islands. Meet up impact investors, tech entrepreneurs and young policy leaders from cities we care to live.

In Lead Partnership with The University of Chicago, Chicago Booth Business School and Chicago Booth Angels Network of Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area, Join us and experience the "One Summit - Two Cities" Conference-Tourism journey, where you may meet your business partners, investors, inspiration mentors and more.

Join also our spectrum of private tracks and roundtables for high-power investor meetups, project roadshows and development agenda engagement on behalf of your cities.

What's New? 

Meet and greet tech investors, family offices and more policy leaders. Legacy cannot go without succession and development financial resources.
Establish "Global Committee of Social Business, Youth and Technology". Missioned by Prof. Muhammad Yunus, we are soft-launching Hong Kong and Greater Bay branch for it, and announce in United Nations General Assembly in NYC in September.
Larger development plan of "Emerging Future Cities Network", roadshow with top-notch investors, pitch and land in Greater Bay directly through FCS - InvestHK Launchpad.

Whom We Are Meeting in the Summit? 

Entrepreneurs and Social Entrepreneurs (FinTech, Property, A.I., Blockchain Tech and others)
Impact investors from Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and China
Corporates and SMEs leaders
Young government leaders
Academia scholars

Summit Highlights and Features

One-Summit Two-Cities Experience in FCS2019, with metropolitan Hong Kong and high tech creative economy Shenzhen in China.
Victoria-side Chat, insightful thought leadership panel discussion on “Future of Economy, Governance, Real Estate and Lifestyle” .
High-level Meet-ups for project roadshow, pitches and investor-project match. land your projects in Greater Bay Area and Belt and Road countries in Asia with resources.
Become part of the development agenda in “Emerging Future Cities Network” where it will be announced in United Nations General Assembly in 2019.

About Future City Summit 

Future City Summit(“FCS”) is a non-profit non-governmental organisation basing in Hong Kong founded in 2016 with the Global Partnership Seed Fund of The University of Hong Kong. The organization visions a vibrancy of charismatic future cities through acceleration of public and private partnership with young entrepreneurs and policy leaders.

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