Entrepreneurship Development Workshop
11 - 12 May 2019 08:00am - 04:00pm
Event ended
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Entrepreneurship Development Workshop

11 - 12 May 2019 08:00am - 04:00pm

More Events Visakhapatnam, Andra Pradesh, India
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Entrepreneurship Development Workshop

The workshop for the individuals who want to learn more about the ins and outs of creating a startup. Basic questions such as when and how to start will be answered during this workshop.  

A complete Guidance On Start-up
( Entrepreneurship Development)

What to expect

Investors will come and share their views and legal consultants will also share their thoughts.

Young CEO's will share their experiences.

Why you should join

You will learn which steps are involved in implementing the idea you have into a successful start-up.

-How to choose the best team among those you have as supporters?

-How to do the market research about the idea or product you want to take into the market?

-How to prepare the best marketing strategy according to your product? 


Points to cover before meeting investors.

-How to prepare the best pitch desk to pitch your idea in front of investors.


How to proceed legal registrations of your start-up?

-What are the benefits of registrations & how to get loans from banks?

And many more valuable points will be covered during the workshop.


Individuals with an entrepreneurial mind; changemakers, investors, etc.


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