Cultivating a Resilient Mindset
10 Dec 2019 07:00pm - 08:00pm
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Cultivating a Resilient Mindset

10 Dec 2019 07:00pm - 08:00pm

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We live and work in a world that is characterized by high pressure, information overload, distraction, and an expectation that we should always be "on". Mindfulness can help us navigate through this world skilfully with a sense of effectiveness and wellbeing so that we can bring our best selves to both our professional and personal lives.  At Work In Progress, we focus on actionable, practical guidance and we aim to bring mindfulness to you in the same way. In this webinar, join WIP Global Coach Mohammed Sam Shoushi to gain practical takeaways about how mindfulness can help you manage the stresses of work and life.

In this session you will learn:

How to make mindfulness work in both your personal and professional life.

Understand how mindfulness can help with focus and productivity in a busy work environment.

Develop mindfulness coping strategies ‘on the go.’

Hear from an inspiring coach who is managing a faced-paced, multi-passionate life with mindfulness.

...And you’ll meet like-minded people looking for new opportunities and who are all a Work In Progress!  

About Work In Progress:

Work in Progress is a hub where you can seek advice and connect with peers, coaches or mentors.  Whether you want to change careers, overcome a roadblock in your life or get practical advice on how to start something new, WIP can help you to build confidence in the path you've chosen.

About your coach:

Mohammed Sam Shoushi is the Head of Development at Potential Project, a global leader in providing customized, organizational effectiveness programs based on mindfulness.  He started his mindfulness journey over around 10 years ago through yoga. But it wasn’t until he joined Google in 2014 that he experienced first-hand how mindfulness can be applied to our day-to-day lives, specifically at work. 

Mohammed Sam is a global citizen originally from the Philippines and Jordan, but has also lived in 8 countries. Apart from his former role in Public Policy and Government Relations at Google, he has worked in various positions in international relations and development in the United Nations, World Bank, and the Jordanian Embassy in Washington DC.