Computational Thinking and Problem Solving with JavaScript
19 Nov 2019 05:30pm - 08:45pm
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Computational thinking javascript

Computational Thinking and Problem Solving with JavaScript

19 Nov 2019 05:30pm - 08:45pm

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Note: This will be a practical online live-streamed workshop with an instructor who can help answer your questions in real-time. All materials will be accessible from your web browser, no installation required. 

Event Description

Do you ever get presented with problems that seem to just… turn your brain to mush when seeking solutions? This may be because, overtime, you’ve formed mental models that prohibit you from breaking these problems down into simple components.

Virtually every industry and/or sector has “problems” that can be solved with what is called “computational thinking”, and you don’t need to be a computer (or a computer programmer) to utilize “algorithms” to solve them.

After all, an algorithm is simply a set of instructions. A cooking recipe can be considered an algorithm.

Whether or not you have ever considered learning to code for your job or even just as a personal interest, this online live streamed workshop serves as your opportunity to learn how computational thinking can positively affect your problem solving abilities by helping you to produce more effective mental models. 

Here are some examples:

Decomposing complex problems into smaller, manageable parts or “first principles”
Quickly finding patterns and similarities within problems
Focusing on only the most important information instead of irrelevant details
Developing step-by-step solutions (algorithms) to efficiently solve problems
By the end of the online, live streamed workshop, you will be able to write a simple algorithm and present it to your computer by writing a simple JavaScript program.

Who should attend:

Anyone interested in improving their problem solving abilities
Anyone who has considered learning to code (to any extent)
Anyone interested in learning what programming or JavaScript is

Learn how computational thinking can improve the way you solve problems in real life
Learn to write a basic program in JavaScript and instruct with your computer
Get a better understanding of what programmers do and if it is a right skill for you

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