Challenge Hong Kong! Problems Worth Solving, Impact Worth Making
20 Jan 2019 11:55pm - 11:55pm
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Challenge Hong Kong! Problems Worth Solving, Impact Worth Making

20 Jan 2019 11:55pm - 11:55pm

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The Situation

Hong Kong is one of the most resiient cities in the world and like other cities facing up to the future, Hong Kong will come up against challenges if it wants to continue growing and innovating. If history has taught us anything about this city, it is that it has a deep-rooted spirit of entrepreneurship, and the Lion Rock Spirit of 'new giving up'. Through supporting each other, we have adapted to overcome obstacles. 

Here, we call out to you innovators of Hong Kong: startups, entrepreneurs, investors, students and industry leaders. Together, let's explore what's holding this city back to become a more creative and innovative economy, a happier and healthier society, and a sustainable place to live.

Who's behind the challenge

WHub, HK's startup ecosystem platform and tech & innovation cataclyst and Explorium HK, Fung Group's innovation hub, are coming together at Startup Impact Summit by WHub to combine strength, passion and reach to engage the Hong Kong innovation community in a different challenge for a better Hong Kong.

But Why?

Hong Kong has an emerging and vibrant innovation community and together we believe we can collaborate to create the next chapter in Hong Kong's ongoing growth story. As innovators, we can raise awareness about Hong Kong's challegnes and channel the efforts of Hong Kong's doers to solve these pain points collaboratively.

What We're Looking For

Before solving problems, we think it's important to discover the right ones. So we're not focused on the solution just yet. That's why we're asking you to identify Hong Kong's most pressing growth and innovation problems to be solved by our ecosystem. 

What You Can Do

From now until 17 Jan
Post your problem. Comment on posted problems.

From 21 - 23 Jan
Vote for the most pressing problems in our head-to-head voting process.

25 Jan
Join us at Startup Impact Summit by WHub (

After 25 Jan
Keep in touch for updates.

The Opportunity

If your problem is selected as one of Hong Kong's five most pressing challenges, you'll be invited to attend the Startup Imapact Summit on 25 January 2019.

During the day, you'll have the chance to work with subject matter experts to refine and frame your problem ahead of a chance to pitch your problem on stage to a panel of expert judges (if you can't make it to Startup Impact Summit, a team will still work to refine your problem idea). 

There will be one winning problem selected on 25 January and the winning problem will receive WHub and Explorium HK's support to build solutions to the problem in 2019.

Our support includes but is not limited to:

- Raising awareness about the problems
- Training on ideation and prototyping
- Access to workspace & funding opportunities.

What do you think is holding us back? Submit a problem now.

Want to check out the winning problems? Get your tickets now. 

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