Biotech for good: the use case of Covid-19
16 Apr 2020 07:30pm - 09:30pm
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Biotech for good: the use case of Covid-19

16 Apr 2020 07:30pm - 09:30pm

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Learn about opportunities & challenges of Biotech and Health tech to fight with pandemics
About this Event
Biotech for good: the use case of Covid-19

We have to thanks all those in health sectors- the doctors, hospital staff, scientists, epidemiologists and more to help us fight with the Coronavirus pandemic.

However, we still need to work harder since it has become a global problem. Some Biotech & Health tech startups sectors are working on this. What is it? What are the trends? and What can we learn from the coronavirus to fight with future pandemics?

What will you learn:

Biotech 101: landscape and subsectors
Biotech Application
Future pandemics & Biotech / Health tech
Opportunities & Challenges of Biotech & Health tech
What can learn from China on Coronavirus that could be useful for other countries now?

7.30 – 7.35 PM Welcome

7.35 – 7.50 PM Keynote by Marco Delise

7.50 – 8.05 PM Keynote by Kent Zaitlik

8.05 – 8.20 PM Keynote by Chenchao Liu

8.20 – 8.50 PM Panel

8.50 – 9.15 PM Q & A session


Kent Zaitlik, CEO,

Kent is CEO of MOZI AI Ltd 墨子人工智能 , a company dedicated to accelerating the advance of healthcare and biomedical science via the development of a visualized biomedical search infrastructure embedded with a neural symbolic engine that aims to work with doctors and scientists to decipher the biochemical pathways of disease and aid in the development of novel therapeutics. He has more than a decade of work experience in China, working among top engineering firms, VCs, and MNCs all throughout APAC to develop and implement technologies that advance mankind, including A.I. & genetics, blockchain, hydroponic commercial farming, advanced-material science, semiconductors, sustainable fashion, green building engineering, and intelligent building management systems.

Marco Delise, Synthetic Biologist, Better Dairy

Marco is a Bioengineer (BSc and MSc) and Synthetic Biologist (PhD) trained between Oxford and Warwick (UK). During his PhD he developed novel protein technologies to control biology with electronics. After becoming part of Entrepreneur First in London, he’s now working with a startup that uses microorganisms to produce dairy milk.

Chenchao Liu, Founder, SILREAL

Chenchao, born in China, has been in Germany since 2002 and studied chemistry at Technical University Munich. He is the Founder of SILREAL, a consulting firm enabling companies to enter, expand and find strategic partners in China and Europe. Capitalizing his extensive insights about China and its interrelations with Europe, Chenchao combines his expertise in healthcare and his intercultural competencies to enable institutions to place strategic investments into various companies along the Silk Road. Chenchao’s firm has a partnership with Medical Valley, one of the 12 centers of excellence by the Federal Government of Germany, to support the European healthcare companies to conduct business with China. He shared his healthcare insights with the former Chinese Minister of Health and the Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress. As a Global Shaper of World Economic Forum, Chenchao is regularly invited as speaker and guest at international conferences such as German Federal Foreign Office, G20 Global Solutions Summit, OECD Forum, The Federation of German Industries and Max-Planck Society. Chenchao was published by the New York Times, Handelsblatt, Neue Züricher Zeitung.

Rules during the event:

⁃ Please turn off your video & microphone until Q & A session

⁃ Feel free to send the questions for Q & A session in the chat from the beginning

⁃ Can get in touch with speakers on LinkedIn, Email or WeChat if we don’t have enough time :)


Date & Time: Thu 16th, April |7.30 PM(GMT+8)
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