Bangkok Bank InnoHub Season 2
07 Oct 2018 12:00am - 11:55pm
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Bangkok Bank InnoHub Season 2

07 Oct 2018 12:00am - 11:55pm

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Bangkok Bank InnoHub is a 12-week program that will allow you to collaborate with one of Thailand and Southeast Asia’s largest commercial banks.

We’re looking for a fresh perspective to solve these challenges:

Theme 1: Creating Unique Customer Experiences
● How can we better understand our customers to anticipate their needs?
● How can we optimize customer interactions in branches and digital channels to improve satisfaction and loyalty?
● How do we create unique experiences that keep our clients engaged across our online and offline channels?

Theme 2: Digitization and Automation
● How can we digitize and automate our workflow to improve process efficiency?
● How can we better manage customer information management and enable efficient sharing of information across the Bank?

Theme 3: Future SME Solutions
● How can we use new technologies to better service SMEs and their customers?
● How can we analyze multiple sources of information and data to better evaluate SME customers’ credit-worthiness?
● What are the future credit solutions for SMEs?

Theme 4: Innovative Payments
● How can we improve efficiencies and cut costs in local and international payments?
● What are the innovative payment systems that would integrate with Social commerce opportunities?
● How can we extend our product reach to underbanked customers?

Theme 5: Discovering Cutting Edge Technologies
● How can we go beyond traditional ways of delivering banking services?
● How can we use technologies such as AI & Machine learning in analyzing and developing new systems and ways of working as well as other applications?
● How can we integrate Internet of Things into financial services and the lives and businesses of our customers?
● How can we leverage RegTech in areas such as information collection, monitoring transaction activities, and pattern analysis to optimize our compliance systems?

Who we’re looking for:
1. Early stage startups at the seed through series B stage
2. Ideally, startups that have a functioning prototype with a product ready to be validated in a commercial setting or are revenue-generating and looking to scale into new high potential markets
3. Teams that are committed to spending 12 weeks with Bangkok Bank to develop a potential proof-of-concept (PoC)
4. Specifically, the programme aims to facilitate actionable solutions to above areas of focus

Application open: Aug 27, 2018
Close date: Oct 07, 2018
Programme: Starting from Nov 19, 2018 to Feb 22, 2019

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