Allowing your You Only Live Once (YOLO) Career
05 Sep 2017 07:00pm - 09:00pm
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Allowing your You Only Live Once (YOLO) Career

05 Sep 2017 07:00pm - 09:00pm

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Why are some people living a life of Freedom, Fun and Inspired Connections with ease, while others struggle managing their time and resources between work and personal goals - spreading themselves THIN?

Why do some people feel purposeful, proud and certain of their career and life path, while others are swamped and too busy to even think about it - or - keep spinning in circles while they make ends meet?

Whether you're 5 years into your business or career, or 20 years in - one thing is for sure. You have evolved. You've evolved and your priorities have evolved. What you believe is your "You Only Live Once" goal may have been updated - without you knowing.

And the good news is, all you need to do... is tap in.. tune in.. and connect to THIS version currently.

In this insightful session with Bestselling Author of You Only Live Once (YOLO) Life and Business Style, Ying Han will share with you some powerful tools and questions that you can use to connect with a goal that energizes you (that makes your heart sing and cells dance).

Walk away with:
1. The most important strategy to get your goal BEHIND your GOAL (in your business, career, relationships)
2. Knowing the TOP mistakes people make when creating a "You Only Live Once" Goal - and how you can avoid that so that you can achieve it with joy and ease
3. Uncover most common struggles that is standing in the way of your YOLO vision right now - so that you can dissolve it
4. Time Management: Why people don't take action even though they know what they need to do - and how to overcome that and turn that into creativity, flow and energy

Campfire Collaborative Space
4/F Cheung Hing Industrial building,
12P Smithfield Road, Kennedy Town
MTR Exit A1; make a U-turn and go up the hill on Smithfield
first building entrance on the left (opposite to Wellcome)

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