All about UX in Hong Kong
23 - 24 Jun 2020 09:06am - 09:06am
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All about UX in Hong Kong

23 - 24 Jun 2020 09:06am - 09:06am

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All about UX in Hong Kong

Do you think you are ready to enter the exciting new world of UX? These are 8 things you have to know, no matter if you are  

  • an aspiring UX designer
  • an ambitious entrepreneur
  • a go-getter ready to upskill yourself

, we can guide you as you march into the realm of UX design. 

Learn important pro-tips for your UX journey. Join us to learn 

  • What good or bad UX means
  • How to get amazing career opportunities
  • How to start your own business with less than 100HKD
  • And at least 5 more!!

All these opportunities made possible by the power of UX, make the first move towards greatness by signing up!


Who should attend : 

  • Marketers
  • Students
  • Designers
  • Startup owners
  • People work closely with customers
  • People who are interested in UX

*Design background is not necessary, absolute beginners are welcomed


Language: English  

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想喺21世紀嘅商界出人頭地?一定要識UX design, 用創新嘅思維方式解決問題


  • 成為UX designer
  • 創業
  • 科技技能Level up,


  • 點樣分好同壞嘅UX
  • 有咩方法入行+職業機會
  • 用少過HKD100完創業夢
  • 仲有至少5樣!!!




  • Marketer
  • 學生
  • 設計師
  • 創業家
  • 從事同顧客緊密合作嘅工作
  • 對UX有興趣嘅人
  • 咁依個活動就啱你啦



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