2019 April Startup Launchpad Conference: Future of Retail
19 Apr 2019 09:30am - 06:00pm
Event ended
19 april future of retail

2019 April Startup Launchpad Conference: Future of Retail

19 Apr 2019 09:30am - 06:00pm

More Events AsiaWorld-Expo, Hall 2, New Territories
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Future of Retail by Startup Launchpad 

Supply chain management is astonishingly difficult especially for technology product, where you will have to deal with a complicated process. Dealing with supply chains' complications and lack of transparency, there are risks that you fail to deliver to the market, and seriously damaging your corporate brand.

So what can be the solution to resolve these SCM challenges once and for all?

Come to the Startup Launchpad's Future of Retail conference on April 19 to find out. 

Event details

Date: 19 April

Time: 09:30-18:00

Location: AsiaWorld-Expo, Hall 2, New Territorries


10:00-10:05 Welcome address

10:05-10:20 Keynote speech "How SCM automation technology is leading to a dramatic shifts in supply chain management

10:20-10:40 Dialogue "Revolutionizing the global supply chain by building trust and transparency

10:40-11:20 Panel discussion "What are the hurdles in implementing of SCM automation technologies in supply chain?

11:20-12:00 Panel discussion "Should you adopt SCM automation technology in your business?

12:00-12:30 Dialogue ''Funding SCM automation innovation in supply chain


14:00-14:15 Opening speech "2019 Retail industry trends outlook"

14:15-14:55 Panel discussion "Investors' view on the future of retail tech investment"

14:55-15:15 Dialogue "Corporate innovation 2.0: staying competitive in retail industry by integrating startups"

15:15-15:25 Showcase "New World Development - SnapPop"

15:25-15:55 Panel discussion "Strategies and policies to support growth of the retail sector from government"

15:55-16:35 Panel discussion "Will China be an indication of future changes in the rest of the world?"

16:35-17:15 Women in Tech HK: "How tech is transforming retail and chasing customer behaviours?" 


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