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#StartupToolbox: 4 Trends Redefining Recruitment in 2017

Plus some of the most exciting HR/ Recruitment Startups in Hong Kong You Should Watch Out!

1. Harness the power of Social Media

Throwing back to the HR Magazine Summer 2016, we can see that recruiting through social media is becoming more popular than ever. In fact, 3 in 4 professionals changed jobs using Linkedin. It is definitely a more convenient way for both employees and employers to connect.

The Recruitment Trends survey also revealed that 41% of global talent leaders consider social networks an important source for quality hires. Why does it matter? The leaders think that it is a source of valuable insights to their overall business. Therefore, it is expected to continue to grow into an established trend.

2. Diversity Is Key

HR is looking forward to recruiting more diverse candidates. According to the Global Recruiting Trends 2017 by Linkedin, 37% finds that diversity in candidates is the most important trends that will define the future of recruiting. 

Given that one of the biggest challenges for companies nowadays is to differentiate themselves from competitors, recruiting a diverse team and rolling out purpose initiatives are great ways to stand out from others and boost employer engagement at the same time.

Read More: LinkedIn Global Recruiting Trends 2017 Slideshare

3. Automate the screening process

Hiring demands are growing steadily in 2017 but recruiters are reported to have limited headcount and budget. Automating and innovating the screening process is inevitable in the future for talent leaders and managers.

What’s good in automation?  Maximizing the speed of screening candidates, minimizing human bias. It will definitely shape the future of recruiting. It is also shown that big corporations focus more on harnessing big data, listing it as their #1 trend.

4. Co-brand your company

44% millennials said that they are going to leave their current job in two years. So how can talent leaders hire and retain the best talents out there? Global talent leaders agree that employer brand has a significant impact on their ability to hire great talent. There are two effective ways for you to work on your employer brand:

  • Partnering with the marketing department, jointly-own and manage the social media platforms and create exclusive content on company brand

  • 61% of the talent leaders think that the company’s career site is the best way to build an employer brand. Company website and social media are effective tools to promote and measure your company’s brand.

BONUS: Some of the most exciting HR/ Recruitment Startups in Hong Kong You Should Watch Out!

Genie puts flexibility and control right back into your hands.

GENIE: At GENIE, we believe that workings is a means to an end, and that a balanced lifestyle should be the norm, not a luxury. We dream that one day, we will no longer be consumed by our work, but to truly integrate it into our lives. We do this by challenging the status quo of traditional 9 to 5 jobs, and make sure that your efforts are recognized, valued and rewarded. 

JOBDOH is a location based, on-demand mobile platform to book best-fit temporary workers.

JOBDOH reduces the hassle and inefficiency of going through a middleman. While our solution caters to all SMEs and individuals requiring labor help, we are starting with the hospitality/ food and beverage (F&B) and exhibition industry. Using Hong Kong as a pilot city, where 30+% of their 280K workforce in F/B is defined as casual, we will capture nearly 90K casual jobs annually, generating over USD5B in productivity.

Terminal 1 believes that machine learning would be key to cracking the recruitment market. 

Terminal 1 provides personalized, affordable recruitment services to connect everyone with their winning team. Therefore, our eventual goal is to build a machine readable recruitment ecosystem that allow us to “teach” machine to do recruitment, and also through promoting global mobility by creating an international network.
T1 is hiring right now! Click here for more information.

Remove the monotony from your recruitment process – automate it with Talkpush.

Talkpush screens your job applicants faster, save thousands of man hours, ensure consistency and give the candidate the attention they deserve. When a candidate sends in their C.V., our system will automatically parse their phone number and send them an SMS asking them to call a dedicated phone number. Your pre-recorded questions will be played to them, and they will be given an opportunity to answer each one in sequence. The second they hang up, their answers are available to you through our online dashboard.

ImOffered is here to maximize the values everyone gets for their expertise and knowledge.

ImOffered is a SaaS marketplace for high-caliber professionals to get their best-deserved offers from top-notch companies in the finance industry, FinTech companies, and high-growth startups. Disrupting the old-fashioned way of job hunting and talent sourcing is our everyday job.
ImOffered is hiring right now! Click here for more information. is Asia’s first data-driven career platform. uses a matching score to eliminate the noise in the hiring process and efficiently connect job seekers to the best opportunities and companies to the best talent. Since launching in 2016, has helped companies across Hong Kong to fulfil their recruitment needs more effectively than ever before. Jobable raised a pre-series A investment of US$800k in September 2015 from Hong Kong and European based Angel Investors and the team is working hard to expand their product offering to Job Seekers and Employers throughout Hong Kong and then the rest of Asia.

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