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#StartupFeature: 5 questions to Agorize Asia

WHub X HKTDC Job Fair Special Feature

WHub X HKTDC Job Fair: Start-ups Meet Talent is around the corner! To help you get a better understanding of each startup that is going to join us at the job fair, we are going to feature one startup per day in the following weeks!  

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1. Describe what your company does in 140 characters or less.

Agorize is a startup that's been specializing in open innovation challenges since 2010. At Agorize, 60 people help large corporations to efficiently engage with high-value communities from all around the world such as IT profiles, startups, students in order to get direct access to new disruptive ideas and upcoming high profiles.

150+ international companies trust Agorize including Google, Microsoft, Bank of America, Uber, Paypal, Great Place to Work, HP, Orange, Philips, Allianz, AXA, Publicis, Tinder, Vinci, PepsiCo and Ericsson. (our company website:

2. What are the two most important traits you look for in new teammates: intelligence, work ethic, kindness, courage, loyalty

+ You are not afraid of challenges: You do not take NO as an answer and you are not afraid to run the extra mile.

+ You have an entrepreneurial mindset: you are a proactive multi-tasker, ambitious, and with the capability to “think out of the box”.

+ You have a deep passion for innovation, and you would like to be part of our project to become THE go-between in the innovation world.

3. Tell us three unique things about your company culture

INNOVATION: At Agorize, our heads are overflowing with creativity. Our offices are buzzing with ideas. Sometimes they’re novel, sometimes they’re outlandish – that’s how you get innovation!

DIVERSITY: There’s strength in diversity. Agorize is a colourful mix of backgrounds and career paths. And this melting pot is all the more important given that we launch challenges all over the world!

INDEPENDENCE: Seizing the bull by the horns, launching bold initiatives and knowing how to fly solo – that’s also part of the Agorize philosophy!

4. On a typical Saturday, your team members are usually a) At the office b) Networking on junk boat c) sleeping

Hiking, surfing, playing badminton, running, fishing, doing to the cinema... Don't work during the weekend, but do what you LOVE!

5. What excites you about your company’s future?

By launching Agorize in Hong Kong, our ambition is to become THE missing link in Asia and create bridges between:

"The corporate world": large companies looking for Innovation & Talent

"The innovator world": Innovators (students, startups, geeks, etc) which want to be spotted, gain experience and awesome prizes

After helping thousands of talent from 145 countries, our ambition is to bring this vision to Asia. And it works, as after only 6 months of activities in Hong Kong, 5 leading companies have put their trust in us to help them innovate faster and better connect with talented individuals across Asia.

Do you want to be part of the adventure? Then share our vision: to become the leading platform in Asia to connect both large companies and innovators!

Job openings at Agorize:
Highly Creative Achievers: Business Developer Leader

Proactive multitasker: Project Manager / Marketing APAC

Strategic Partnerships Manager APAC

Creative out of the box doers: Strategic Partnerships Asia

Co-organized by HKTDC and WHub, the job fair will bring together undergraduates, graduate students, and seasoned professionals to one event, exclusively for start-ups.If this sounds like you, register now for FREE!

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