Three reasons why you should join a startup

Hong Kong’s startup ecosystem has grown dramatically over the past couple of years. Often, the proof provided is the exponential growth of co-working spaces over the last 18 months. But actually what better evidence than having various facts confirm the obvious: Be it one accelerator after the other opening up, the government increasing financial support to startups, or legendary entrepreneurs such as founder and investor Peter Thiel touring the city. Hong Kong’s entrepreneurial history set up shop in the 21st century!

And here are 3 reasons why you should become part of the movement:

1- It’s all about the Team!

Stories about the I-make-all-the-difference founder are myths. A successful adventure is only possible with the right team. Team as in Together Everyone Achieves More! Founders know execution is key and that alone you can do only so little, but together you can do so much. As long as you have the right team! And in a small team, having the right fit, the right dynamic and a common dream is crucial. That’s why startups are keen of having everyone share the same perspective, level of passion and commitment to do what is best to bring the vision and mission to life. As Simon Sinek puts it:

A team is not a group of people who work together. A team is a group of people who trust each other.

2- More flexibility and impact!

Today's start-ups are looking for hackers, tech experts and web developers, but also for marketing experts, hasslers and business developers. But why join a startup, what’s in it for the individual?
The specific perks depend on each startup, but overall here are the common advantages of working in a startup versus a large corporation:

Three reasons why you should join a startup

More flexibility

It can be in the larger scope of roles & responsibilities. A lot of things need to be done, you won’t get isolated in an expert role. It can be flexible working hours. Some startups prefer part-timers! Work location flexibility – yes, startups are techy and know how to have technology facilitate remote collaboration; and some teams change offices anyway every now and then. And potentially even compensation is flexible (yes, some startups pay in equity!)

A bigger, direct impact on society

A bias towards innovation, speed of execution, and a can-do attitude as key strategy, a startup is build around a mission to make a difference! And your action will bring the team closer to realize this vision, in a very tangible way. For you and for the customers you are serving. Be it disrupting an existing industry or inventing a new product, in a team of five, you are 20% of the total workforce!

Typical switching costs such as job stability start rather playing in favour of a successful startup than a struggling corporation.

Three reasons why you should join a startup

3 – It is easy and fast!

One application - One interview - One job. In one week. That is not the exception, but rather the rule. And there are great opportunities here in Hong Kong for networking and meeting founders and startups. To help bring the right Talent and startups together, StartupsHK actively supports the second Hong Kong Job Fair for Tech and Startups, coming up on Saturday, June 6th. Organised by Garage Society and W Hub, further supported by InvestHK, StartmeUp, General Assembly, Kairos Society and JumpStart Magazine, the fair will take place at Garage Society’s new venue located in Sheung Wan (19F, 299 Queens Road Central - Sheung Wan, HK).  This event follows the success of last December’s Tech and Startup Job Fair, which was the first of its kind in Hong Kong
Job Fair

This third Edition promises to be an even more rewarding forum as renowned tech companies and up-and-coming startups. Talks, panels and demos will take place throughout the day, and will complete the startup immersion for participants in addition to networking.
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Job Fair

Three reasons why you should join a startup

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