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Startup News Weekly Digest - March 14th 2016

Starting this news round with something from the great China.

Alibaba secures $3B loan to finance more investments and acquisitions.
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It seems like Alibaba is in the mood for investing! According to SEC filing, Alibaba Group Holding Limited signed a five-year US $3 billion syndicated loan agreement with a group of arrangers. Even though it is stated that the loan is for “general corporate purposes”, it’s quite possible that it has something to do with Alibaba’s recent investment efforts. Alibaba is going to purchase Youku Tudou, buy stakes in Groupon, Snapdeal, Snapchat and more. Definitely need to keep an eye on Alibaba this year!

Back to Hong Kong!

Hong Kong is known to be the paradise for food and shopping, but do you know that this city is also the “Pearl” of Asia’s app market?!

In Google Play Store, Hong Kong is the 12th largest app market in the world in terms of paid install and in-app purchase revenue, surpassing Mexico and Brazil. Hong Kong has 80.7% smartphone penetration and an average of 43 installed apps per smartphone user, which makes Hong Kong the frontier for soft-lanching.
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Talking about Hong Kong being the paradise of food, it is still hard to try out some gorgeous creation from a Michelin chef! But here comes Taste of Hong Kong! Coming to Asia for the first time, Taste of Hong Kong gathers 14 restaurants together presenting more than 40 signature dishes.
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Hong Kong Entrepreneurs Share Their Favorite Productivity Tools

Everyone loves to be more productive, Jumpstart magazine gathered some of the favorite productivity tools that Hong Kong entrepreneurs use!
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Jumping from Hong Kong back to international issue, even though Apple still refuses to open a backdoor for FBI, Donald Trump has already given up his iPhone boycott.
3 weeks ago, Trump announced a boycott of Apple product "until such time as Apple gives cellphone info to authorities regarding radical Islamic terrorist couple from Cal." However, it seems like Trump can’t resist the attempt to use his iPhone as there are so many tweets on his twitter account were sent out from an iPhone. One may argue that the campaign team sent them, in that case, Trump should really buy his team some Android phone…Guess not using iPhone is a little bit too much after all.
Donald Trump Iphone Boycott Tweets Sad

So there you have it, what’s happened last week!

Startup News Weekly Digest - March 14th 2016

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