Startup News Weekly Digest - February 15th 2016

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Let’s start this week’s news round with some great news from Tesla!

Tesla’s finally making a cheap car, and China is excited.

Tesla told Bloomberg recently that the Model 3, the affordable sedan would cost around US $35,000 before tax incentives, excites China’s tech-watchers. And with China wanting to promote the adoption of electric vehicles, it is possible that the latest sedan being subsidized by the Chinese government in the future.
teslas finally making cheap car china excited - read the article

Student.com raises $60m to help Asian students study abroad

Followed by another exciting news for Asians, UK based international student accommodation marketplace Student.com (the Airbnb for international student) has raised US$60 million in a round led by VY Capital. The company plans to use the money to further its international expansion plans.
studentcom raises 60m asian students study - read the article

Alibaba Buys Stake In K-Pop Giant SM Entertainment, Home To EXO And Girls' Generation

The K-Pop culture is popular not just in Hong Kong, but also in China. South Korea’s entertainment agency S.M. Entertainment announced that it has formed a strategic partnership with Alibaba Group Holding. Alibaba will buy around $30 million worth of S.M.’s shares, gaining a 4% stake in the Kisdaq-listed company. We will keep having K-Pop culture around in the future with no doubt.
alibaba buys stake in k pop giant sm entertainment home to exo and girls generation - read article

Hong Kong urged to promote neutron scattering

Wrap up this news round with a piece of news more close to home. Neutron Scattering is a powerful research tool with applications in material sciences and engineering, physics, chemistry, among other. CSNS is China’s largest comprehensive research centre on particle physics, which will be open in 2018. CityU took the lead in promoting neutron scattering applications by introducing it to the local scientific community in 2014 during a summer course.
cityu.edu.hk - read article

Startup News Weekly Digest - February 15th 2016

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