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Quick Tip: Domain Names without a Hassle

If you have ever owned a website, you have experienced the discomfort that comes with finding the perfect domain name for your business or blog. I call it “discomfort” because, well, aren’t all good domain names already taken?

Until a few years ago, that had been the case but not anymore! Today, you can get any domain name that you desire, on a domain extension that best suits the purpose of you website.

Don’t just settle for any name, look for alternatives.

When the Internet first manifested, it was assumed that there would be government websites (.GOV), social organizations (.ORG), commercial / business portals (.COM), networks (.NET), educational websites (.EDU), and so on. Nobody knew then how the Internet would evolve in its scope, and explode to 2 billion domain names! 30 years later, we now have a more evolved website naming system, with a specific domain extension for every industry out there.

For example, there’s .STORE for eCommerce and retail, .TECH for technology, .FUN for leisure, .PRESS for media and news, and then there are universal domain extensions such as .ONLINE, .SITE, that can be used by a variety of businesses.

So, why look for something unique among the 2 billion domains that are already taken? New domains are the way to go!

How do new domain extensions help?

New domain extensions are not just functional, they are also pretty cool!

By using a contextual or industry-relevant domain extension, you can give your startup a robust brand which helps in gaining and retaining the right customers. Put simply, new domain extensions are your chance to get a creative, super-sleek domain name that stands out of the clutter.

Check these out:

  • [A Startup Program that helps people from non-tech backgrounds break-into-tech]

You get the drift!

Not convinced? 

What if I told you, your new name comes with great marketing benefits?

Here’s a treat for you! By choosing your primary domain name on select new domain extensions, you can join the Startup League, a program that financially supports early stage startups at events such as the RISE, Web Summit, Startup Grind as well as 100+ other events globally.

What’s more, your membership also gets you other cool benefits that help you get more brand visibility with investors, media, influencers, partners and even customers at the event.

How does the Startup League work?

To join the Startup League, a community of 350+ amazing startups from across the globe, you must host your startup’s primary website on any of the following nine new domain extensions:

Once your website is setup, you get access to these unique benefits:

  • Sponsorships to exhibit at over 100+ events globally
  • Branded T-shirts and booth schwag to flaunt at the events
  • Promotions within the Startup League’s global network
  • PR mentions on leading startup and tech platforms
  • Special access to premium, high value domain names

and much more!

Ready to exhibit at your next conference? Apply now on this form to get a direct $300 sponsorship - No questions asked!

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