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Hong Kong Startup News Roundup - 21 July 2019

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TNG Opens FinTech Space in Hong Kong 

TNG FinTech Group opened the Wall Street Factory on July 15 in North Point. The WSF space is a part of the group’s strategy to enhance its services for FinTech entrepreneurs via a one-stop interactive platform.

It features 12 conference rooms and three main event spaces, among other facilities and amenities. 

Mr. Kong said, “We are really excited to witness the launch of WSF, which perfectly matches TNG’s commitment to elevating the lives of billions with financial empowerment and services.

HK-Based Startup Klook Expands to Europe 

Klook, a Hong-Kong based travel experience booking platform, says it will expand its coverage to every major European city by the end of this year.

Founded in 2014, Klook offers 100,000 things to do in more than 300 destinations. Anchored in Asia, the region accounts for 80% of the company’s total users. 

Klook has already started making strides in Europe by partnering up with Rail Europe, the tie will enable Klook users to access major European attractions as they plan their rail journey.

Taiwan-based Google Cloud Partner, Cloudmile, Launches in Hong Kong

Taiwan-based A.I. startup and Google Cloud premier partner CloudMile has now launched in Hong Kong. 

Their aim is to leverage A.I. And cloud technology to develop new business models and accelerate digital transformation of Hong Kong enterprises. 

Having assembled its Hong Kong team in late 2018, CloudMile has already gathered clients from diversified industries; including the government, retail, transportation, eCommerce and media.

HK-based Ad-Tech Startup OneOneDay Launches App in India

Hong Kong based ad-tech startup, OneOneDay, has launched the Oodies app in India. The app allows users to earn cash rewards and donate a part of it to social causes by watching advertisements of their choice. 

Tackling the issue of intrusive delivery of ads, Oodies is a solution that turns viewer attention into a currency of value. Oodies advocates for Universal Basic Attention Income - everyone should be rewarded for this attention spent on ads.

HK-based startup, Ninm Lab, introduces wireless cassette player

Ninm Lab, a startup based in Hong Kong is reviving the old  cassette trend with ‘It’s OK’, their take on what a Walkman would look like in 2019 if Sony continued the tape-based music player. 

‘It’s OK’ features Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, which will allow you to pair it to wireless headphones or a Bluetooth speaker.

Ninm Lab has already tripled its funding for the Walkman-style music player which you can buy for $75 and comes in three different colour variants.

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