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Chinese sellers are taking over the world, here is what you can do about it

3 things experts say you should start doing today

We know the land of manufacturing is in Mainland China. For decades we have studied how to source products from manufacturers and improve the quality and supply chain of our product brands.

The Chinese manufacturer has been learning at the same time. And they have grown on the Amazon marketplace as well as other global markets by astronomical numbers over the years. We are talking hyper growth now. Sellers from around the world can agree the Chinese seller building global brands and selling direct to consumer (we call it F2C - factory to consumer) is a reality.

What Can an International Seller Do about it?

So, if you’re an Amazon seller now, you may be wondering - what can I do about it?

You can get upset about it and hide under a rock. Get defensive and hope that things go back to the way they were - a time when Chinese manufacturers and e-commerce business owners had no idea on how to list their products on Amazon.

But the times have changed. And you can no longer wait and pray.

1. Understand the Chinese Seller Landscape

Instead of fearing the unknown, why not master the unknown. Embrace the Chinese Amazon FBA seller, learn from them, network with them, and make a deal with them.

We have the biggest friction when we talk “us vs them”. And the current market is in that exact situation - the “Chinese” vs “the rest of the world” fighting for the top ranking in Amazon FBA.

It has come to a point where these Chinese Amazon sellers have mastered certain processes in the marketplace more than overseas sellers. News and knowledge are now

originating from the Chinese seller community, and overflowing into the overseas seller community.

2. Stay Ahead of the Game - and Learn from Chinese Sellers

So what are we suggesting here? Stay ahead of the trend, and build your relationship with the Chinese Amazon seller.

They are looking for overseas business owners to partner with and make distribution deals with. Why not with you? If you’re an experienced Amazon FBA seller from the overseas market, you are a perfect candidate to make a strategic business deal.

These things cannot be done online through a Facebook group - they must be built over offline, face to face meetings. And not a one-time meeting and a deal is signed, but a spark to a relationship, a spark to a connection.

3. Understanding the E-commerce Environment: Sellers, Suppliers, and Marketplaces

Digging deeper into the landscape, you need to understand something- many Chinese sellers are not the suppliers. They are sellers like you. They find the product opportunities and contact the factories to resell the goods.

There are still huge opportunities to make deals with Chinese manufacturers on joint venture brands and distribution. The Chinese manufacturer, as well as the Amazon marketplace, want to have direct distribution models. So by you sitting back in America feeling the growing Chinese sellers are factory direct- you are often mistaken.

They are also in the middle. So you have a unique opportunity to attend a conference where there are manufacturers and suppliers who need help from international sellers and distributors.

Attend Our Cross Border Matchmaker

So how can you possibly cut through all the noise of these Facebook groups, of these massive trade shows - and find suppliers who are looking to make sure strategic alliances with overseas sellers?

Well, you are so lucky you came across this opportunity today.

The Cross-Border Matchmaker is a unique conference for both learning - but also “matchmaking”. This conference has top Chinese sellers as well as International sellers from USA and Europe all under one roof. Learn from the best, and at the same time, make some business deals with suppliers looking for partners like you. In the room adjacent to the speaker sessions we will have a select number of booths looking for overseas sellers. These will be the direct manufacturer who is motivated to make a deal with a skilled e-commerce seller.

You came for making deals with direct manufacturers needing help with e-commerce distribution - these suppliers are looking for the same thing. This is where true synergy and value can be made.

The Cross-Border Matchmaker will be taking place for the first time on Friday, October 27, 2017, in the heart of the electronics market - Hua Qiang Bei, Shenzhen. Learn from expert sellers, connect with suppliers looking for sellers to partner with, and make global business relationships.

Be part of the first event where there are top Chinese and International Amazon sellers under 1 roof. We are sure this will be a magical event and look forward to having you as part of it.

For the full English event details check out

True global connections in the cross-border e-commerce world.

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