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5 in 5 minutes - Sep 30th

Hong Kong Startup News Roundup

Hong Kong's second largest investment! Tink Labs raises US$125M

The Hong Kong-based travel technology startup raised US$125 million of funding from FIH Mobile, veteran investor Lee Kai-fu's Sinovation Ventures, and Cai Wensheng.

Founded in 2012, Tink Labs provides a designated free mobile device in hotel rooms for travelers. The funding will be used to expand its service worldwide.

Hong Kong-based TNG Wallet launches app for cross-border money transfer service

TNG launched the first licensed e-wallet app in Hong Kong, the app is available for download in 12 Asian countries which include mainland China, Thailand, Vietnam, The Philippines and Indonesia. There were no transaction fees and the money would be available in the other country instantly.

TNG also targets the large pool of domestic helpers in Hong Kong, the app allows Hong Kong users to pay bills
in The Philippines.

60 million business have a Facebook Page

Facebook released that more than 60 million businesses have a Facebook Page and 4 million businesses are actively promoting on Facebook. What is worth mentioning is that South East Asia has the most businesses creating Facebook Pages.

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Singapore's Latize raises US$1.5M

The Singapore-based startup raised US$1.5 million from the Tembusu ICT Fund 1, with the participation from existing investors ACP and Spring Seeds Capital.

Latize develops and distributes a software suite called Ulysses, it connects internal and open data sources, analyze data and create insights for their clients. The funding will be used to expand the service to other contries.

Nissan creates self-driving chairs to replace lines in Japan


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