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5 in 5 minutes - May 20th

1. Goxip raises US$1.62M seed round

Hong Kong's fashion discovery startup Goxip has raised US $1.62M seed funding from Chryseis Tan and Ardent Capital, Juliette Gimenez, the founder, said this is one of Southeast Asia's largest seed rounds.

Goxip was the winner of the "Breakthrough HK" during RISE 2015! RISE 2016 is coming, are you ready?

2. Don't want to meet grumpy taxi drivers? Free taxi app with driver ‘ratings’ answers your pray.

In hope of saving the profession's image, the taxi industry launched the new taxi-hailing app, which linked exclusively with drivers who have signed an agreement to provide a quality service. Passengers can rate the driver based on 4 major area, their service, the cleanliness of the vehicle, safety and punctuality. Drivers who have an average score lower than three may receive retraining or even be kicked off the system.

3. Work-life balance is now the most important factor for job satisfaction

7 out of 10 people in Hong Kong agree. According to a release from Microsoft, 755 of Hong Kong respondents indicated that work-life balance is important to their jobs. "Be productive on own terms" and "Work with collaborative teams" are the two other important factors in Asia Pacific.

What does your team value the most?

Looking for a new job opportunity? Want to jump in the startup world? See you at the JOB FAIR!

4. Next Station: Ocean Park?

The MTR South Island Line will start running by the end of this year! According to a document provided to the Souhern District Council, it begins at South Horizons, passing Lei Tung, Wong Chuk Hang and Ocean Park and ends at Admiralty.

With the new South Island Line, you can travel from Admiralty to Ocean Park within 4 minutes, saving 21 minutes when compared to the current bus route. So next time when you go to Ocean Park, you have another option.

5. Civilian drones become more affordable, Dedrone raises $10M to detect aerial intruders.

When using drone become something popular and common around the world, it has also raised a lot of safety issue.

Dedrone Inc. has raised $10M in venture funding for a system that monitor the skies. With a DroneTracker system that includes cameras, acoustic and radio frequency sensors, it can detect and identify drones around the area.

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