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5 in 5 minutes - April 29th

Hong Kong startup news roundup

1. Google is starting an in-house startup incubator to keep its employees.

Google has some of the most creative and entrepreneurial people working for it. In order to keep its employees, the company is planning to launch an in-house incubator called “Area120”, allowing talents who apply for the Area 120 to work full-time on their idea for a few months, then pitch Google for additional funding and create a new company. 

Sounds exciting? Click here to check out the details.


2. Hong Kong researchers turn food poisoning bacteria into a guided missile to battle with cancer

Researchers from the University of Hong Kong turned salmonella food poisoning bacterial into a guided missile to deliver medicine into cancer cells and eliminate tumours. So far it has been tested on mice with liver and breast cancers with good result on its efficacy and safety.

See the full article here

3. CompareAsia appointed Prashant Aggarwal from Visa as CCO

CompareAsia, a Hong Kong based financial comparison platform that helps people save money and make better choices on personal finance activities, has appointed Prashant Aggarwal as its Chief Commercial Officer shortly after appointing former KKR executive Sam Allen as its CEO.

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4. 27 per cent of Hong Kong pupils think of suicide or self-harm

According to a survey conducted by the Paediatric Society and Paediatric Foundation, more than a quarter of secondary school students had thought about committing suicide or self harming in the past six months. And more than 60 per cent of the interviwees had sleeping disorders. However, 66 per cent preferred seeking solutions to health problem on the internet rather than going to professionals.

See the full report here

Also check out LULIO, the startup whose mission is to prevent the loss of bright futures due to depression, bullying, and suicide.

Meet Jamie Chiu, psychologist and founder, LULIO

5.  Crowdfunding Roundup in Hong Kong

Jumpstart magazine has put together a list of crowdfunding in Hong Kong lately! This city is full of creativities!! Like a project? Spread the great work and help them move from an idea to the next step!

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