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5 in 5 minutes - April 22th

1. These teens from Hong Kong just invented a handle that kills germ

Two Hong Kong secondary school students have developed a door handle that kill germs on the handle that coat with titanium dioxide, a mineral that is effective at killing germs when exposed to the ultra-violet spectrum of natural light. In order to ensure there's enough UV light to kill germs, they light the handle from within, using the kinetic energy generated from opening and closing the door.

The two students were awarded a gold medal at the 44th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva. A single sanitary door handle is estimated to cost just $13 to build, so far two factories have expressed interest in manufacturing the door handle.

See the full article here. 

2. Maths is fun! Hong Kong students' music video went viral

"Side angle side, side side side…"

It might be difficult to remember the four geometry methods in determining whether two triangles mirror each other, but not anymore!

In a recent video that went viral among the Hong Kong society, 3 students A secondary school teacher wrote a song about it, repeating the same line over and over again in a five-minute video. The video which went viral among the Hong Kong society, it was uploaded to a Facebook page, some called the video brainwashing, but others viewed it as a creative yet effective way to memorise the geometry methods.

Watch the video and the full story here

3. Caterspot raised $800K, aim to battle for business customer in Asia

This little city is full of startups aiming to take over food delivery service like Foodpanda and Deliveroo, but the newly found Hong Kong based Caterspot spotted the chance in the business service, making it easier for secretaries, HR , receptionist etc to order food for the team within a few taps on the phone. The company is setting its business model and blueprint in Hong Kong and Singapore, but planning to expand the market to Asia and Australia.

4. Alibaba bought SCMP, here is the reason behind the move.

A lot of us know that Alibaba had bought South China Morning Post, but many questions the motive and the reason behind the big move. In an interview with the Post in Hangzhou, Ma said he view this as a chance to offer a fair chance to readers to understand what is happening in China, the good and the bad, not just a fair chance to China.

 “Sometimes, people look at things purely from a Western or an Eastern perspective – that is one-sided. What the Post can do is to understand the big ‘why’ behind a story and its cultural context." said Ma.

Ma also pointed out SCMP can report on Asia and China more accurately with its unique assess to Alibaba's resources and relationships in the ecosystem. He assure that Alibaba's management would not take part in the newsroom operation.

Read the article here

5. Fancy flying a drone in Hong Kong? Watch out for the safety rules!

Under the current regulation, the Civil Aviation Department classifies drones as Unmanned Aircraft Systems(UAS). If you plan to fly drones that weigh more than 7kg for recreation, you must first apply to the department before using it, providing evidence of pilot competency and a copy of an insurance policy. Also, drones can't flown higher than 300 feet above ground level and must be used only during daylight hours. However, for drones that less than 7 kg can be classifies as model aircraft flying, and therefore, doesn't need to apply to the department.

Click to know more about the saftey rules now! 

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