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5 in 5 minutes - April 15th

1. Hong Kong Chinese University researcher awarded for cancer breakthrough

A university researher has developed a blood test which detects and locates specific types of cancer has received the Croucher Senior Medical Research Fellowship to recognise her effort in early cancer detection. With the HK$1 million award given to the researcher, Rossa Chiu Wai-kwun, she can be exempt from 6 months of teaching duties and focus on full time research.

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2. When interior design meets engineering, this Hong Kong company does wonder to a tiny apartment

Living in a tiny apartment doesn't mean you have to lower your quality of life or your expectation in terms of the design of your home. In a project of Laab's architects , they successfully converted a normal 309 square foot apartment to something extraordinary.

How extraordinary it is? See for yourself.

3.  1/4 square metre, that's how much space you have in MTR during rush hour

A report from MTR Corporation shows that West Rail Line is at 104 percent loading rate, with 4 people standing per square metre, while there's a 102 percent loading rate on the Tsuen Wan Line. Loading rate for other lines during rush hour is around 92 to 97 percent. The lowest loading rate is the Disney Line, with a 32 percent loading rate.

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4.  People Squared become Google's first partner in China

Even though Google is blocked in Mainland China, it is still keeping a tight relationship with startups there. People Squared, a startup that runs tech hub in major cities announced their participation on the Google for Entrepreneurs program, giving the startup financial backing as well as access to resources like co-working spaces around the world.

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5. KPMG launches Digital Village to fill in the gap between startup support programs

KPMG in Singapore is launching KPMG Digital Village, a collaborative ecosystem that connects innovators, investors and corporates to help startups further accelerate and grow to the next stage, to grow and be competitive at an international level. The Digital Village will be focusing on fintech, healthtech and logistics.

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