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5 in 5 minutes - April 11th

1. Hong Kong will soon be seeing food trucks on the streets, but not the way citizens want. 

According to the government's Food Truck Pilot Scheme, which was announced in the 2015-2016 Budget Speech, we are expecting some food truck serving delicious food by the end of this year. However, it is not going to be as cool as those food truck in other major cities like London and Sydney. With the attempt to boost Hong Kong tourism, the government will allow 12 food truck taking turns to run in 6 specified sightseeing spots in Hong Kong. To participate, one has to first summit a proposal detailing your idea and plan, then enter a cooking competition after passing the governmental evaluation.

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2. Hong Kong biotech start-up Prenetics enters China, introducing 48-hour DNA tests to the big market

Hong Kong biotech startup Prenetics has secured US $10 million in series A funding in a round led by a subsidiary of mainland insurance company Ping An. Danny Yeung, the CEO of Prenetics said they are planning on bringing 48 hours DNA test into the China market.

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3.  HK Start-up “WeMine” prosper in China

After getting into IBM SoftLayer's accelerator programme Catalyst earlier this year, WeMIne, a HongKong startup that develops WeChat marketing tools, joined Nanshan Shenzhen-Hong Kong Youth and Innovation & Entrepreneur Hub recently. WeMine will be granted a year tenancy free of charge in Nanshan Intelligence Industrial Park.
WeMine has assisted brands like Swire Foods, Maserati exclusive, Lazada and more to build custom WeChat management platform as well as execute marketing strategies to strengthen their power.

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4. HKU releases 2016 Q2 Hong Kong macroeconomic forecast

According to the forecast, the real GDP is estimated to moderate to 1.4% compare to the same period last year. And Hong Kong GDP is expected to grow by 1.5% in 2016 as a whole, slower than 2015.

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5.  Sha Tin most populated district while individuals in Wan Chai most well-educated

According to the 2015 Population and Household Statistics Analysed by District Council District report, Sha Tin is home to more than 660K people, while Islands only had a population of around 150K. On the other hand, individuals in Wan Chai district were the most educated, 91.5% of the population received secondary education or above and 46.2% held tertiary degrees.
Moreover, Sai Kung has the highest labour force participation rate, with 66.1% of the population were in the labour force, while 19.2% of those who live in Island were full-time student. The average age of the workers in Hong Kong was 41.

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