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5 in 5 mins - July 29th

Kickstarter announces launch in Singapore and Hong Kong

The reknowned crowdfunding platform Kickstarter will aoon launch in Singapore and Hong Kong, its first Asian markets. Kickstarter is currently available to project creators in 18 markets, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and some European countries. 

E27 raises $2.2M

Singapore-based media company E27 has secured US$2.2 million in Series A funding in a round led by China-based TechTemple with participation from Linear Venture, Convergence Ventures, Venturecraft and Spacemob.

Singapore-based Teamie raises US$1.1M

The EduTech startup Teamie announced it has secured US$1.1M in a pre-series A round led by Singapore-based venture capital firm ACP and Spring Seeds Capital, with participation from Phystech Ventures. The funding will be used to research and development for its product.

Facebook tops $1B revenue in Asia

According to the company's newest earnings release, Facebook pulled in US$1.03 billion in revenue in Aisa, mostly brought in by advertising.

Facebook's total revenue for Q2 was US$6.44 billion which has doubled since Q3 2014. Facebook has 346 million daily active users in Asia from a global total of 1.13 billion.

Hong Kong's Octopus ready to launch e-wallet app for Apple devices.

Hong Kong's Octopus is ready to enter the e-wallet market. Octopus card announced an app for Apple devices, users need to download the Octopus app, buy an Octopus card reader which cost HKD 228 and pair the card reader via Bluetooth with Apple devices.

Apple Pay went live Hong Kong last week which allows users to make contactless payments in around 10,000 stores around the city, while Octopus can be used at 17,000 retails as well as on public transport.


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