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5 in 5 mins - July 1

Hong Kong startup news roundup

1. WeWork coming to Asia, Shanghai co-working space is ready to open

WeWork co-working space in Shanghai is ready for its opening on July 1. The US-based startup raised US$1.4 billion in funding and is entering the Asia market with a big push. The company is also plotting openings in Hong Kong, Seoul, Sydney etc.

2. Singapore vs Hong Kong: best city for women entrepreneurs in Asia

Singapore beats Hong Kong in a survey run by Dell. According to the survey, Singapore ranked fifth worldwide and it’s the Asian city in the top ten. In Asia, Singapore was followed by Beijing, Hong Kong, Taipei , Shanghai and Tokyo.

But Hong Kong is still one of the coolest place to start up! Click here to see WHY! 

3. Singapore-based startup raises US$1.5M to bring healthcare info to the SEA

Hello Health Group, a Singaporean startup, has raised US$1.5 million in seed funding in a round led by CMG.ASIA with the participation from some strategic angel investors based in Thailand. The company builds healthcare information portals for Southeast Asian.

4. Santa Clara-based IoT company raised US$39M to expand in China, Japan and Taiwan

Ayla Networks has raised US$39 million in Series C funding in a round led by design manufacturer #NOD and Ants Capital, with the participation from new investors like Acorn Pacific and Mitsui and other returning investors. Ayla plans expand in Japan, Taiwan and China.

5. HTC Vive announces $10B VR Venture Capital

27 firms will join HTC Vive in the VE Venture Capital Alliance (VRVCA), the $10 billion refers to the amount of deployable capital, not necessarily the amount they are dedicating to the VR investment. The Alliance will be meeting every 2 months in SF and Beijing to hear from companies that hope to raise some funds to support their idea.


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