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Hong Kong: Highly diverse ecosystem with highly wired population

Although the Hong Kong startup ecosystem is still relatively young, it is one of the top 5 fastest growing startup ecosystem worldwide. Hong Kong has a very diverse ecosystem, with around 50% of startup founders being local and the other half from overseas. And Hong Kong startups are disrupting all sectors and industries, from e-commerce and logistics to real estate and EduTech.

Moreover, the Hong Kong population is also known for being highly wired. Around 50% of the Hong Kong population use Facebook and 96% of smartphone owner browse the Internet daily. According to the latest GfK Connected Consumer Index, Hong Kong has the fastest internet speed.

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Hong Kong: Highly diverse ecosystem with highly wired population 


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I was in the playground with my pre-schooler merrily running around when I heard a friendly voice…”Excuse me, your daughter looks like she loves running around. I am starting sports classes at my house – would you like to send her?” This was coming from a maybe 10 year old girl. I had seen her around in our building campus but was now seeing her in a new light altogether. Flashback 10 years to my economics class and to Schumpeter.” the doing of new things or the doing of things that are already being done in a new way” contribute to entrepreneurial spirits and development of an economy. Hmmm…so if entrepreneurs contribute SO much to an economy, shouldn’t entrepreneurship be a part of our curriculum and a career option given to kids like doctors, lawyers etc ? But wait….can entrepreneurship really be taught? Turns out it can…Hynes(1996) summarizes various studies suggesting entrepreneurial role can be influenced by education and training. And Cameron Herald here makes a very strong case on TedX about “raising children to be entrepreneurs”. In fact research shows that pupils and students who are given “entrepreneurial education” are 3 to 6 times more likely to start a business at some point later in life than others.Such education would teach how to turn “ideas into action” and focus on specific attributes like innovation, thinking creative and out of the box, problem-solving. Entrepreneurial training is multidisciplinary in nature and involve MY favourite FEM ( Finance Eco Maths) topics. In fact guess what even people who are not entrepreneurs would find these traits useful, so its a win-win training for all! “Excuse me, are you interested?”…the voice bought me back to reality….I gave my sweetest smile ever and said “Yes, tell me more”.

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Dear WHubbers, There has been countless debates over the definition of an "entrepreneur." Note: those who waste their time debating first of all over a word is probably not the best entrepreneur. From my experience and context, let me boil down to these 3 main points. #1: Entrepreneurs create business. This includes providing service or product in exchange for money. Aspiring entrepreneurs are looking for a "good idea" but this is clearly a mistake. WRONG! #2: An idea is NOT a business. An idea is an idea. Google did not invent SEARCH. They made SEARCH more user friendly, faster, provided better results. #3: An entrepreneur is __________________ (fill in the blank), MAINLY a DECISION maker. An entrepreneur DECIDES not to wait for the elevator to come down, but takes the stairs. An entrepreneur DECIDES not to let circumstances CONQUER them but creates his/her own Opportunity. Again, the operative WORD is DECIDES. So if you think you have the trait to be a great Entrepreneur, see if you are able to make DECISIONS precisely and quickly. Those who OVER THINK will LOSE. Because, SPEED is KING in the ever changing digital landscape. What is TRENDING today, may not be hot 15 months later. “Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.”-Bruce Lee By Rayfil Wong from Professor Savings -

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I founded Carte Blanche in 2014 and went through what many start-ups also go through. It’s all a whirlwind of an experience, a real life MBA as some have said. Having a great idea is one thing but turning it into a profitable business is a whole new universe. Thomas Edison once said “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration” and this has resonated in what I call the 10-20-70 rule of start-ups.