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Zero Waste Life (ZWL) educates the need for a waste free environment by practicing the Zero Waste lifestyle through coaching programmes and public events in Hong Kong to drive collective change towards Circular Economy.

Hong Kong throws away 2.34 millions of tonnes of domestic waste in one year only. Its total annual rubbish is of 5.61 million tonnes. Something has to be changed. We can urge the government and businesses to implement a zero waste strategy. Or we can take an action ourselves.

Real change starts with ourselves. Instead of waiting for others to solve our environmental issues, we can take matters into our own hands. The most effective way for individuals and businesses to go green is to live a zero waste life.

There are a lot of bite-sized information online, but having a Zero Waste Coach means you will have someone to count on an experienced guide to go through the environmental impact reduction process. Our clients save time, avoid various common pitfalls, and generally have a smoother experience than those without a coach.

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