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This job has expired.

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Developer Wanted

Part time

Hong Kong


starting date : 2017-09-16

ZenCash can not provide a visa.


We're looking for a developer based in Hong Kong to contribute to development of ZenCash

Check out our GitHub and Slack here. 



- C++, Java, Javascript, Python

- Fluency in English required (fluency in Cantonese and Mandarin also preferred)

- Experience with Blockchain would be a great plus, but is not required

- Understanding of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies

- Play well with others 


** We're interested in hiring up to 4 people for this role, with one Head Dev for Hong Kong. If you're interested in taking up a leadership role, which will also include a bit of community engagement and business development in Hong Kong, let me know. You'd  have the opportunity to become the general manager for our Hong Kong office, building out functional teams and working with our founder, Jane, to expand in Asia. **

We have a global community contributing to our open source project, but we believe in paying our people well and building a strong community of passionate, value-oriented developers.

We value kind, disciplined people who take pride in their work and care about our other community members.

All of our developers also have other jobs and side projects, so don't feel as if you have to give up your other interests to join us. You'll be paid in ZEN based on how much you contribute, right now capped around 10K HKD per month for part-time work. 

You will be working with   Find @lukas @cronic @anarch3 @smrtz on our Slack


Salary range / month :  < HK$ 20k

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Flexible hours

Flexible location

Created on: 2017/09/01

This job has expired.

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