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Insurance Without Form Your go-to mobile app providing both purchases and claim services.
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Wesurance provides insurance on the mobile platform. Our story starts with the founder and chief executive of Wesurance broke his camera while on holiday in Britain.The subsequent claim involved four forms, a visit to the service centre to photograph the damage, and no small amount of frustration. We realised there had to be a better way. We saw great opportunities with the help of current technology it could simplify the way people buy insurance policies and make claims, believing it should keep pace with the needs of the digital generation. However the sector is regulated, so you need core wisdom about where you can and can’t go. But we found insurance people were open to change and saw the chance to innovate with AI, big data and cloud computing. Other industries with online purchasing or multimedia downloads, users can buy anything from anyone on the same platform.

We have 4 main belief's
Insurance should easily be Understood
Insurance should easily be Manage
Insurance should easily be Purchased
Insurance should easily be Claim

Everyone should consider buying insurance, this can protect yourself and those around you.
Our product solves 2 main parts of the insurance Eco-system.
To our users, our product is made both to be easily understood and managed. We also use technology to refine the application process to purchase insurance and can be done in a few minutes. This allows users to understand and purchase insurance in the shortest amount of time.
To insurers, they can reduce the administrative cost and printing credit to process applications and claim, by introducing AI and Face ID.

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    Eddie Chang
    Founder and Chief Executive Of Wesurance
    Mr. Eddie Chang is the founder and CEO of Wesurance. A serial entrepreneur, Mr. Chang is also the founder and Managing Director of GFI Group Inc. H... Read More
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    Natalie Fong
    Cheif Operation Officer
    Natalie, COO of Wesurance, has been in the IT industry since 1994, she has worked with Intel, VIA and other major Technology companies in implement... Read More