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Our mission at Triklo is to help students make the most of their university education. By giving students the ability to study with teachers who match their learning styles, we help them learn better, get better grades and ultimately shape them into better people.

Triklo is the first teacher rating platform that allows students to find teachers who match their learning styles. Gone are the days when students would stress over picking courses. With the help of teacher ratings, comments and a learning style matching system, Triklo helps students make smarter choices by helping them predict how a class will be, well in advance.

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  • Bek
    Bek Ali Khan Mamakaev
    Co-Founder and CEO
    Having completed tertiary education in Hong Kong, the UK and the US, and commanding six languages including Japanese and Mandarin Chinese, Bek is d... Read More
  • David
    David Minkovski
    Co-Founder and Product Manager
    Starting with an early age, David started to design and develop applications that solved problems in many fields like fashion, law, communication a... Read More
  • Franz
    Franz Kagerman
    Co-Founder and Designer
    Coming from a background in Electrical Engineering and having a strong interest for lighting technology and design, Franz is Triklo’s Co-Founder an... Read More
  • Thomas
    Thomas Wiegand
    Co-Founder and CTO
    Driven by an ambition to solve complex technical challenges and a fascination for IT architecture, Thomas is at the forefront of Triklo's technical... Read More