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THE CLOSETEUR began, as many endeavors do, as a conversation over lunch between two friends. We often share excitedly about our latest purchase and then, more and more regularly, all of the unworn (and mostly brand new) clothing that is sitting in our closets. The two of us have always had an appreciation for second hand and vintage items, and yet there aren't many options online. And so, we created THE CLOSETEUR for fashionably like-minded peers looking for a fresh and unexpected way to shop.

We are a community for fashion lovers to buy, sell, support and appreciate preloved fashion. Aside from our aspiration to create a shopping experience that is no different from a luxury retail store, we also want to give a different approach; by featuring and celebrating women and men's style, work and story. We showcase our Closeteurs, to model and share the story behind each piece they loved and are passing on. We are working with Hong Kong based Closeteurs, and we have plans to feature closets from other cosmopolitan cities in the near future.

THE CLOSETEUR Magazine is an extension of our online store, where we can further share and embrace the many passions our Closeteurs have. THE CLOSETEUR Magazine is the world's first digital and interactive magazine dedicated to Preloved Fashion, Changemakers, Lifestyle & Environment.

Join us and be a part of a growing trend for preloved fashion. The two of us firmly believe that if we all buy preloved, even once in a while, we are making that difference in limiting fashion waste, as Stella McCartney said, every little bit does count.

Together we can redefine the meaning and perception of preloved fashion, raise awareness and ultimately, reduce fashion waste, one piece at a time.

THE CLOSETEUR is a community of fashion lovers aspiring to change the perception of second hand fashion. With our exciting and refreshing platform, we are creating ONE less piece of wearable in the landfills.
We believe if we collectively support and buy preloved fashion, we have the power to make a difference to our society. Members can also donate proceeds from the sale to charities that are focused on keeping our planet BEAUTIFUL.

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