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At StudentConnect we believe that you should love your job and the place you work.
StudentConnect is the leading career platform for young professionals in Singapore, Hong Kong and Indonesia that is on a mission to change the way students and graduates can discover jobs they are passionate about and connect with employers looking to recruit great young talent.

Companies are always on the lookout for young talent to join their business, and if you are like most companies you will have probably experienced that finding young professional talent can be quite a hassle. Most recruitment platforms focus on working professionals, are expensive, time consuming and often ineffective to find good quality and relevant candidates.
Many students and graduates are looking for great places to work but are facing the same challenge. They struggle to find many of the outstanding employers and the excellent careers they offer.
At StudentConnect we made it our mission to fix this disconnect. We provide companies a much better way to inspire, find and hire great student and graduate talent, and enable young professionals to find a career that truly fulfils their passion, fits with their skills and meets their ambitions.

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