SERA Group Limited

Revolutionizing the Global Luxury Industry by introducing the first O2O Platform connecting Luxury Consumers to Stores
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Idea is formed project ready to launch.

Have paying customers adapting to market.

Growing company and users!

Billions of dollars have been spent on luxury e-commerce, despite the fact the majority of purchases are being at a physical store.

We believe the platform that can successfully connect luxury consumers from their online browsing to their offline purchase will be able to disrupt the entire luxury industry.

We are solving the O2O Gap in the luxury industry, by creating the first platform that takes a consumer through their entire luxury purchasing journey.

Consumers no longer need to download multiple apps to access the products and content from the top luxury brands. They can go directly to SERA to discover the latest content and products from all the luxury brands, be directed to the stores that sell that brand and most importantly get cash back rewards for purchases they make at the store.

Our unique platform is able to collect preference, demographic and purchase data, which will allow Luxury Brands / Retailers to conduct targeted marketing campaigns and provide a new level of personalization to our Users.

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  • Virgil Chan
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