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Offer British English to children via 1v1 online tutoring from a British teacher
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Having witnessed how education works in the UK and Europe, we are bringing the idea and the system to Asia: letting children glean knowledge while having a lot of fun. What differentiates us with a number of online e-learning platforms is our dedicated focus on education, which means we do not consider us ourselves as a platform to connect people but rather an online classroom where we can let the most experienced British teachers offer unparalleled teaching to children in Asia. To ensure that we offer top-class education services, we have a dedicated team of Cambridge educators to help us design our in-house online education content and our passionate creative writers translate these into fun and exciting learning experience for young children, who acquire the knowledge by singing, gaming, fun activities rather than rote-learning and homework.

We help children to learn practical English by providing them an atmosphere to use and practice with native speakers.

  • Elaine Li
    Having lived in the UK for over 10 years and trained as an Engineer, Elaine cultivated her understanding in both European style education and techn... Read More
  • Ann Muston
    Chief Education Officer
    Cambridge University graduate Ann Muston majored in Education and Drama She has pursued a dedicated career path in English education and helping ov... Read More
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    Front End Designer