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University may have been the best four years of our young lives, but it was subjective of various opportunities and choices. We took hard classes, studied long hours and worked our butts off for our degrees. After enduring far too many grueling nights in the library, we decided that there had to be a better way of doing things. We’ve set out to help university students discover a more efficient and productive learning experience.

We envision a future where technology revolutionizes the university study experience. We aim to provide both the university and the students with a technology advancement that shape up a better campus and study experience. offers a platform for university students to gain an insight of the professors' teaching performance and to share their learning reflections on a variety university courses.

Students share about their learning reflection - like whether this course is easy-pass or very difficult? Is the professor teaching skill is good? How to prepare to get a good grade in this course? Sharing is caring. Through the learning reflections, students are able to filter the good courses out of the bad courses to make their university lives easier! In addition, students could also rank their favourite professors and give comment on them.

RegCourse is currently available at eight universities in Hong Kong with more than 5k learning reflections and over 10k professor profiles.

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