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Specialty coffee is a global community of people with a shared vision and goals. We embody the same values: love for the product and a drive to share the love with others, a pure focus on producing a high quality no-frills product and a passion to progress upon a never-ending pursuit of excellence.

If you love coffee, then the hardest part about travelling somewhere new is finding decent coffee. You're in alien territory and recognise nothing. You refuse to drink the swill in the hotel, the instant coffee at the office, or the sludge on the side of the road. Coffee lovers go through a crazy process to find decent cafes in unfamiliar lands. We ask friends, post on message boards ('where's the best coffee in Tallinn, Estonia?') or pore over blog articles like 'The 27 unmissable cafes of Budapest', carefully checking what's still open, when it's open and where it is on a map. Frankly, it's ridiculous.

Pilgrim Coffee solves this by making community-curated maps available for every city around the world. Anyone can add to or edit the maps... or just absorb the content and visit the cafes for some guaranteed deliciousness. The focus is on content and sharing rather than reviews - if you're in the app, then you're amazing and deserve to be visited, shared and enjoyed.

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  • Dana cafe
    Dana Hooshmand
    I love coffee. I originally loved it because it tastes good. This is still true, but now there's more: I love coffee because it connects people. ...