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Embracing technology to bring the very best fine art photography and prints to the Asian market
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The Asian art market continues to grow fast. Asia accounts for 25% of the global art market and Hong Kong is now the third largest art centre after London and New York.

Photography is an increasingly important segment of the global art market. Technology and consumer interest are the key drivers.

The share of the total art market conducted online is growing and at a breakout point. 1.6% of the market in 2013, 4.6% in 2015 and forecast to reach 8.6% by 2019.

Picture This’ mission is to sell the very best fine art photography online to the Asian market

“....buying art online solely based on a digital image has become a common and accepted way of buying art today, particularly at the lower price segment of the market.” (Hiscox, 2015)

Picture This has been a well known shopping destination in Hong Kong for several years. The company is now pivoting from a traditional gallery/retail operation to capture the growing market and greater opportunities online.

We are the largest and longest established fine art photography business in Hong Kong, as well as Asia’s pre-eminent vintage and fine art poster dealer.

Picture This represents 25 photographers, including several world renowned exponents and more in pipeline.

We have an established website, known brand, great client reputation, and a track record of B2B projects with blue chip clients.

We are harnessing all these advantages to drive traction as we pivot to tap into the growing online market, both B2B and B2C.

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    Christopher Bailey
    CEO & Co-founder
    I am inspired by all the amazing fine art photographers and artists we represent - introducing their work to Picture This' ever growing audience of... Read More