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Trust, honesty and integrity may sound old-fashioned to some, but to me they have proven time and time again that you can do business successfully internationally AND sleep soundly at the same time...

Link Ideas are your representative abroad. Our work focusses on small and medium sized enterprises who cannot or do not want to invest significant resources of their own in China, which normally entails your own offices, staff and dealing with the local administration (Trust me, you really want to avoid this if you can!). We are your link to China, ensuring that your interests are taken care of and you can sleep soundly at home while we look after your interests on the other side of the world.

Our work focusses on two sectors: Agricultural Commodities and Fine Foods. Asia's vast population has an immense need for food products, which the country cannot feasibly meet using domestic production alone. In addition, the food sector in China has been tainted by numerous scancals over the years, with the obvious result being that Chinese citizens tend to trust foreign foods, particularly from Europe, much more in terms of quality and taste. While there is a huge market to be accessed here, finding trustworthy and reliable partners over here can be like searching for a needle in a haystack; At the same time, as more of China's consumers are asking for ever higher standards in the products they consume, and are ever pickier in terms of what they like and dislike, it is crucial to understand their needs exactly and pick the right products to export if one is to succeed in China in the long term. We are here to help you with all of this!

When you decide to work with Link Ideas, you will largely interact with me personally. I do not believe in high overheads and size for the sake of it - just like you, focus, efficiency and proven competence are what matter the most to me. When I need help in certain countries or industries, I have a strong network of close friends with relevant skills who will join your project to ensure you get the best support from us. We are a team of experts who prefer working on targeted projects for you to getting lost in the anonymity and hierarchical decision-making of the corporate world. We look forward to serving you and accompanying you on the road to success in all of Greater China!

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    Wilhelm Link
    Managing Director