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Junior Fintech Architect Wanted



Strategy & Planning

starting date : 2017-04-24

IMIT | Improve My IT can not provide a visa.


​IMIT is in the process of rolling out the world's first Fintech marketplace, coordinating groundbreaking financial form NYC, Toronto, London, Singapore, Tokyo, and of course, Hong Kong. 

The senior partners are looking for a bright, enthusiastic intern to support us though this initiative, helping coordinate between established financial services companies such as Bloomberg, Reuters, Goldman Sachs, and BoA, and aggressive Fintech companies all vying for their time. A successful candidate should be confident to turn down requests from executives, as well as outgoing enough to pick up the phone and ask a CEO for a favour.

Job Requirements


  1. ​Firm understanding of financial markets
  2. Current insight into global major financial players (Banks, Brokers, Funds, Data Providers) 
  3. Outgoing personality
  4. Affection for caffeine
  5. Able to travel to Canada and United States without a visa (or Visa on Arrival)


Salary range / month :  none

WHubber factors

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Flexible Role and Responsability

Impact on Society

Created on: 2017/03/20

This job has expired.

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