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辦 GRWTH 這個「夢想的成長日誌」 Mobile App ,在營商的過程中,我們希望見到︰
* 成年人會重視小朋友嘅夢想 (孩子的未來不應只取決於分數高低)
* 讓孩子在生活嘅經歷裏邊學習 (生活的經歷,往往比課本的教導
* 展現孩子的「另一個我」(「我」是潛能, 讓父母看到孩子的另一種美)

Our core values
GRWTH system dedicated to take advantage of big data analysis, data into cost-effective personal growth or learning suggestion, let the children to develop their unique potential, a step to the dream destination .

Our Vision
With self-learning, providing quality learning aids platform, to create a new normal education "student-oriented"

GRWTH to lead the children to dream set sail for the goal , through the development of mobile phone applications and school management platform, the integration of internal and external data daily , to create a child 's growth process stalls, cultivate the habit of self-reflection , continuing to explore the individual 's ability and talent. At the same time , home-school and parent-child communication tools allow schools, teachers and parents incarnation keep dream angel , hand in hand for the growth of a child fertilizer sowing .

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