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1,500+ events in 12 months, raising over $520 million, we have re-written the fundraising technology textbook. Here’s a little bit more about us and how it all started:

Born on the back of our sister company VPAR (live golf scoring), 2009 saw the creation of Givergy (formerly iBid Events until September 2015). Having developed our unique tablet app in conjunction with some of the leading charities initially in the UK, our aim is to simply raise more money for charities using the very latest technology all around the world.

GIVERGY, founded in London, now has offices in New York, San Francisco, Canada, Hong Kong and Australia. Givergy is an award-winning technology company, recognized by the Institute of Fundraising, a leader in interactive silent auction, pledging and mobile bidding platforms.

A new era of giving beckons and GIVERGY is positioning itself at the heart of it. Millennials, now representing the majority of the global workforce, have been dubbed the Giving Generation and are the key to why charitable giving reached record highs in 2015. This generation demand simple and immediate solutions in this fast paced technology focused world and Givergy’s mission is to give it to them. We continue to revolutionize fundraising at events and online in order to help our clients raise more for their incredible worldwide causes.

GIVERGY’s vision is to be the #1 fundraising tech partner to the Giving Generation. We’re a young, innovative and a fast growing business with exceptional opportunities for the best in market candidates. Market leaders in our field, our award-winning product is used at many of the world’s most exclusive charity and fundraising events, over 1,200 in total in 2015 to be exact.

Our 100’s of charity clients include Human Rights Watch, The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Save the Children and UNICEF to name a few.

GIVERGY believe in a great team culture and our own social capitalism; where great growth can be achieved without losing sight of our core values and where we answer to our team, our customers and our partners as much as to our investors. And in so doing we ensure long term as well as short term success.

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