Fund Kernel


Giving investors better choices in products and services.

FundKernel is a tokenized investment platform that allows wealth managers to invest in security tokens backed by real investment products such as funds, private equity, and structured investment.

Through our platform, investors will be able to invest in a vast array of tokenized investment at lower cost and gain better liquidity through peer to peer trading.

Wealth managers can login and search in our universe of tokenized investment. They can compare their performances with market benchmark, and construct a portfolio for their clients.

Using Blockchain and smart contract, we’ve automate compliance in on-boarding & KYC, investment suitability, and achieve quick trade execution and settlement.

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    Simon Wong
    Founder & Managing Director
    Simon Wong is the founder and managing director of FundKernel. He began his career in Canada working with a tech startup BlueCat Networks and help... Read More